Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Might Need to Cut Back on My CSI Watching

So, I have this fear that no one else has. I have this fear that everytime I really really really really really have to pee, and I finally break down and stop at a gas station, that there is going to be a dead body in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet, in my way. And this would cause me problems. I mean, yeah, there would be the initial trauma of the dead person or whatever. But also, those gas station bathrooms only have one toilet.

So, I would have to go use the men's room. Which is gross. Like grosser than peeing where a dead person just was gross.

Or I could just hold it. But of course in this horrible scenario, I really really really really really have to pee. So I would have to move the body to get to the toilet. But then, I'd transfer some of my DNA to the body, and they'd hunt me down and find me. And I would end up going to prison. Because no jury would ever believe that someone was stupid enough to move a dead body, pee, wash their hands, move the dead body back and THEN call the cops. Nope, just wouldn't happen.

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Shonda Little said...

Well, every time I ejaculate on a dead body, I fear it will lead the CSI back to me. I mean, how were crimes ever solved before semen swabbing?
Technically I don't have a penis, so I guess this fear is a bit silly. Nevermind.