Thursday, November 20, 2008

If I Die, Tell a Friend

I realized the other day, that if I die, there are lots of people who won't find out. I mean, I have friends in all different circles who don't overlap. So, if I die, tell a friend. Odds are good that we are within 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon of each other.

Then I was talking to a friend about this and she had to make me wonder who tells the last person on earth that someone died? She wonders how they know they died. And I totally had the answer for that. You know you were the last to die when you get up to Heaven and realize that every freaking person in the world is in line in front of you. It's like being at Disney World, but with no bathrooms. Although, really, in Heaven shouldn't you not have to pee? I mean, that would be awesome.

That's what Heaven will be like. Long lines, but not having to pee.


M. Butterfly said...

Hi, you're blog is fucking awesome. That is all. :-)

M. Butterfly said...

Also, you need to update, because you are hilarious and every day that you aren't on here writing something awesome, the internet dies a little inside.