Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Smurf vs. Snork Cage Fight

So, I've been thinking. If the Smurfs and the Snorks were ever to get into a cage match, who would win? After much (too much) thought, discussion with friends, and a little research, I have decided that the Smurfs would totally smurf the Snorks' collective ass.

See, here's the logic. The Smurfs are blue, right? So even underwater with the Snorks having the homefield advantage, the Smurfs totally have the camo thing down. So, even if the Snorks could breathe and the Smurfs had to use equipment, the Smurfs would be invisible.

Next, the Snorks were nice and all. But really, they were a one trick pony. Allstar was the only one who could do anything. He was smart, athletic, and always got the girl. But the Smurfs had teamwork. They had Brainy, Papa, Smurfette, and the others. Each had their own skill. Kind of like an assembly line for kicking Snork ass. Henry Ford would be proud.

Lastly, Smurfs had their own verbs. Like they would "Smurf you". Or go to "Smurf river" and "Smurf". So, it's like football playcalls. The Snorks would be speaking English all normally but the Smurfs would be undercover. Thereby totally giving them the advantage of surprise.

So basically what I'm saying is, if you ever are in the 80's and turn into a cartoon, go for Smurf.

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jananaz said...

Wow D-man. This is classic man-banter (aka manter). I once had to listen to my guy friends argue for two hours about who would win between an alien vulture and robot dog. The only reason they stopped frickin talking about it was because they got drunk.

Anyways, I like your blog. Now I can stalk you. More than I already do.

Love, Janet